Wisconsin Utility Division

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Manufacturer Line Card

Acuity Brands Lighting
(WI and No IL)
American Electric, Holophane, Antique Street Lamps, Tersen, Lithonia, Dark to Light & Roam Lighting

(WI and No IL)
Substation Security Fencing

Central Moloney
(WI,UP of MI, N IL, NW IN)
Single & Three Phase Pole & Padmount Transformers. Wildlife Protection & Components.

Coil Innovation
(WI and No IL)
Market Leader in Air-Core Reactor Technology

(WI, No IL, NW IN)
Fibercrete Bases, Substation Trench

Formex Mfg.
(WI, No IL, NW IN, MI)
Plastic Transformer Pads, Duct Spacers

General Cable
Overhead ACSR, MV Cables for the Utility Market; LV Underground and Overhead

Hughes Brothers
(WI, No IL, NW IN)
Wood, Steel, Fiberglass Products

(WI, No IL and NW IN)
Metering and Protective Relaying Transformer Products

Laminated Wood Systems
(No IL, NW IN and MI)
Laminated Poles, T& D Materials

Customized Utility Products for Line Work.

Power Delivery Products
(WI, No IL, NW IN)
Fault Indicators

(WI, No IL, NW IN)
Substation Class Switches, GOAB’s

(WI, No IL, NW IN)
Power Connectors & Fittings

Seves, USA
(WI, No IL)
Porcelain Products / Santana -Distribution Transmission, & Substation Insulators
Sediver-Glass Transmission Insulators

Siemens Power T & D, LLC
(WI, No IL, MI)
Regulators, Breakers, Switchgear, Transformers, Services

Sievert Industries
(WI, No IL, NW IN)
Torches for Heat Shrinking & Soldering

Steel structures for utility transmission distribution and custom application.