At ElectroTech, we serve the utility, commercial, industrial and residential markets. As experts in our field, we intimately know local markets and the products we represent. We are eager to help you find answers to your questions or solutions to your problems, and expect to ensure your satisfaction.

Jim Starkman and son Jeff Starkman are principal owners and partners in ElectroTech. Jim currently serves as Chairman of the Board; Jeff as President. Chuck Healy is Executive Vice President.

Click on any staff member below for a biography and contact information:

James Starkman, CPMR, Chairman of the Board

Jeffrey Starkman, CPMR, CSP, President

Jerry Pangerl, Director, C & I Division

Mike Crane, Utility Sales

Phil Bonthius Jr., CPMR, Manager, Dist. Products

Greg Jones, Inside Sales/CSR

Steve Kunkel, C & I Sales

Sally Orr, Inside Sales/CSR

Jon Koleski, Inside Sales/CSR

Bob Anderson, Utility and C & I Sales

Jim Lynch, CPMR, Vice President

Joe Whitstone, Inside Sales/CSR

Court Hode, Utility Sales

Chuck Healy, CPMR, VP, & Director, MN Util

Jim Fleming, CPMR, VP, & WI Divsion Manager

John Fowler, CSP, Utility and C & I Sales

Christina Wiskow, Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Aagaard, Reception

Mike Clementson, Inside Sales/CSR

Shawn Miller, CEM, Utility and C & I Sales

Denny Branca, Director, Utility

Kurt Green, Inside Sales/CSR

Gary Wilcox, Customer Service

Steve Puk, RCDD/OSP, Director of Data Comm