O'kote Inc.

O'kote PVC Coating is a complete and total protection package for your entire conduit system. By encapsulating the conduit, O'kote prevents corrosion from attacking weak points in your raceway system. O'kote PVC coating is a complete system with more than 2,500 varieties of fittings in stock, as well as corrosion-resistant supports and patching compounds.

O'kote PVC coated conduit and fittings set quality standards throughout the industry. O'kote PVC Coating has achieved it's outstanding reputation through careful attention to every step of the manufacturing process. O'kote is unique in the industry, as we use 100% domestic conduit only and UL listed conduit couplings.


PVC Coated Conduit and Fittings.

CSR manager name:       Mike Ellias
CSR manager phone:       763-235-9719
Manufacturer manager name:       Ken Gibbon
Manufacturer manager phone:       805-409-4050
Manufacturer Web site:       http://okote.net