Federal Pacific

Dry-type transformers from .050 KVA through 10,000 KVA single and three phase, up to 34.5 KV, 150 KV BIL with UL approval through 15 KV; Vacuum pressure impregnation and epoxy shielded transformers ISO 9001:2000 Registered. Medium voltage switchgear including air-insulated livefront, deadfront, SCADA-controlled, automatic transfer, primary metering and wall-mounted padmounted and metal-enclosed switchgear.


Live Front and Dead Front, Padmount, Switch Gear

CSR manager name:       Joe Whitstone
CSR manager phone:       763-235-9754
Manufacturer manager name:       David White
Manufacturer manager phone:       330-606-0264
Manufacturer Web site:       http://www.federalpacific.com