ElectroTech, Incorporated is a manufacturers representative for electrical products. Incorporated under its current name in 1997, the company formerly operated as the Lanick & Liljegren Company. Friends Frank Lanick and Pete Liljegren founded the company in 1961. Pete was working at Reynolds Metals, an electrical manufacturer, at the time, and Frank had just celebrated his 40th anniversary with Hubbard and Company, a pole line hardware manufacturer. Before long, the two men had added many quality electrical products to their Lanick and Liljegren Company portfolio. And over the next few years, they worked hard to grow their business imbuing it with a strong sense of integrity and an expectation for growth and stability. Today, ElectroTech s involvement in the Upper Midwest's electrical industry is well known. Most of its major lines have been with the company for more than 15 years, some over 35. Moreover it is one of few agencies that have had 10 major partners retire with no disruption or loss of lines. Since 1980 the company has grown tenfold in annual sales.

Some key dates and events in ElectroTech's History:

  • Frank Lanick retired from the company in 1973. At the time, Pete invited Jim Starkman to become a principal.
  • By the time Pete also retired in December 1979, he left a company that had grown beyond his expectations and had become a model for the company it is today a company founded on strong and enduring partnerships.
  • Jim Starkman succeeded Pete as president assuming the position on January 1, 1980.
  • Since 1980, the company has grown from three to 20 employees, attracting experienced personnel with long histories in the business.

Also since 1980, the company has grown from its original three-state market area (Minnesota, North and South Dakota) and now serves eight states: Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and northern Illinois.

The Company has merged several times over the past 20 years expanding its product base and strengthening its sales staff.

In 1997, the company, then Lanick & Liljegren, merged with Total Electric Sales, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Much respected in the industry, this 18-year-old company mirrored Lanick and Liljegren's goals and ideals. Its acquisition spurred the company's growth, not only by adding product lines and professional staff, but also by firmly entrenching the company in the Chicago and Wisconsin utility markets.

When Lanick & Liljegren merged with Total Electric Sales, the company re-incorporated under the name ElectroTech Incorporated.

  • In an agreement finalized on November 1, 2006, ElectroTech merged with Bonthius Electrical Sales Co., Inc., a manufacturer s representative company located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Like ElectroTech, Bonthius represented many of the most well-known quality manufacturers in the utility, commercial, industrial and residential electrical markets.

Over the years, ElectroTech has continued to lay the groundwork necessary to remain a valued, long-term partner to each manufacturer it represents. Today, by operating with managerial succession and the future uppermost in mind, ElectroTech continues to foster stability and growth, the fundamental characteristics that allow the company to become one of the most highly respected manufacturers' representatives in the Upper Midwest.